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STG Co.,Ltd.
Registered Office
Room (A-10), Building (138-B1),
New University avenue Road,
Sayasan Quarter, Bahan Towhship,
Yangon, Myanmar.
Tel : 09 49307879
Fax : (95-9) 73030141
Email :
Website :

Operation Office    
Taungtharyar Forestland
Taung Hlaing Yoma Forestreserve
Near the Phue Gyi Dam
Taik Gyi Township
Yangon Region. 
Tel : 09 49323257
Fax : (95-9) 73030141
Email :
Website :

Profile of STG Co.,Ltd.

Loikaw Trading Group which was established in 1999 by Dr.Zaw Min Sein was changed its name as STG Co.,Ltd. on 1st June 2012

STG Co.,Ltd.’s current lines of business

1.  Agroforestry (Natural and organic farming )
2.  Construction

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